Imagine having the home of your dreams, built to your exact specifications here in Merced.

Here are some reasons to build a custom home in Merced:

The house of your dreams

Completely custom and personalized to your exact specifications.

Exact space you need

You will have the exact amount of space you need for your custom built home in Merced.  You will not be left with too little space or extra space you will need to pay additional taxes for.

Low maintenance

The beauty of having a custom built home by a professional General Contractor in Merced is every thing is new and state of the art.

Safety codes and standards

It will be in accordance to California and Merced County Safety codes ensured by your general contractor, Wake Construction.

Energy Efficiency

Building a custom home that is energy efficient in Merced allows you to take advantage of government tax credits and saves monthly on your energy bills.

Modern Floor Plans

If you ever wanted an open living room or large kitchen area, you can have control of the floor plans your custom dream house in Merced deserves.

Call us now!  Your custom built home in Merced is a phone call away: (209) 769-3221