The CSLB Website provides a wide range of tools to help you have a better experience when you hire a contractor and make sure the job is done right. Learn the steps you need to take to select a licensed and qualified contractor, check a contractor’s license, negotiate a clear contract, prevent disputes and mechanic’s lien, or resolve disputes with the contractor if they arise.

Check to insure the contractor you are talking with has a current/ valid contractors license.
If you have experienced unsatisfactory workmanship, not completing the scope of work or unfinished project. Contact the CSLB and file a complaint against the contractor.

Always request a detailed contract denoting your deposit, detailed scope of work, progress payments, completion date(s)  and always keep a copy of your contract after signing.

NEVER….. NEVER pay over 10% or $1,000.00 as a deposit to secure your contract. All other payments will be made according to your payment schedule on your contract.

As a customer it’s your right to know what material(s) are used on your project.
I hope this valuable information has helped you with any questions about your contractor or before you hire a contractor to work on your home.

Please contact Wake Construction if you have any questions on your project.

Vendors/ Suppliers we have experienced problems with.

Art Glass Etc. Inc.

After completing a custom home we always perform a thorough clean up before our customer takes possession.

During the cleaning process we had a problem with Art Glass Etc. Inc. product. We use the same method of cleaning on “all” windows from “all” different manufacturers with out a problem.

After contacting Art Glass Etc. Inc. detailing a problem with their glass, I was told they would get back to me by the following day. I waited several day’s and “I” had to contact them again.This went on for over a week.

I spoke with their field service representative out of Sacramento area to try and resolve the problem with out success. These are very high end windows/ doors and should not have a problem with cleaning the glass.

My issue with this company is they did not call me back in a timely manner, they did not offer to come and look at the problem and it was automatically “Not” their fault/ problem.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Warning – Handyman Services

We have been called several times by customers that have had inferior work performed by Handyman  Services. Handymen have given bids for additions, remodels, concrete work, electrical repairs…..etc.

A Handyman is just as the name states, they are a “Handyman”. Handyman Services are NOT licensed contractors!

Handy Man Job Qualifications

Education – Most require little in the way of education for a Handyman position.

Training – Most training occurs on the job…..YOUR Project!

Certification– General Handymen need no certification to work.

A Handy Man is limited to $500.00  for repairs including materials and labor.